FiOS WEP Calculator for Android Coming Soon!

FiOS WEP Calculator for Android Coming Soon!

So I noticed that somebody made a mobile version of the FiOS WEP Calculator, and they’re selling it for $1.99 in the Android market. So far, their application has received 500-1000 downloads. It’s somewhat irritating to see somebody else making anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 selling an application so similar to the one that I created, so I decided that I would make my own. After all, I already have most of the code already created since I made a desktop version of the same thing back in early 2009. Because this application will be so incredibly easy for me to create, I’d really like to offer it for free, but there is a $25 registration fee to become an Android developer, even if all the applications that you create will be 100% free. Therefore, I’m planning on offering a 100% free, no-strings-attached version of the application, supported by AdMob advertisements at the bottom of the user interface. Hopefully offering advertisements will bring in enough revenue to at least pay for the developer registration cost. I’m planning on calling the advertisement supported version of the application “FiOS WEP Calc Lite“.  I’m also planning on offering a paid version of the application called “FiOS WEP Calc Pro“, with absolutely no advertisements, what-so-ever.  In addition to that, I might also offer some advanced features in the pro version that Lite users won’t get, but I’ll worry about that later.


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