FiOS WEP Calculator

FiOS WEP Calculator

A little bit over a year ago, in June 2009, I wrote a Java application to calculate the default WEP key of a Verizon FiOS Actiontec MI424WR router after reading a blog post written by Kyle Anderson called “Verizon FiOS WEP Calculator!“, and Mr. Anderson was even kind enough to add a prominent link to my website that I set up just for hosting the application. At the time of writing this, my site is currently the first result on the Google search results page for “fios wep calculator“. As I said on my website, this is for educational purposes, and I am in no way responsible for how you use it. Anyways, I created this application to demonstrate a major security flaw in the way the routers generate their default password. This application will only generate the default WEP key for the access point. If the WEP key was changed from the factory default, it will not work. This is one of my earliest coding projects, and I’ve gotten better at coding Java applications since then, but this gets the job done as it is, so I see no need for any major updates any time soon. Anyways, the download is available on the FiOS WEP Calculator website.


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