FiOS WEP Calculator PRO is Back for Only $0.99!

FiOS WEP Calculator PRO is Back for Only $0.99!

If you’ve been wondering where the ad-free version of FiOS WEP Calculator went, well wonder no more! I removed the old Pro version because I originally published it for free, and I wasn’t making any money. I only made $0.57 so far with AdMob, and that’s almost nothing at all. I don’t really like charging very much for my applications, so the Pro version of FiOS WEP Calculator is now available for only $0.99! If you use/like this application, please consider purchasing the “PRO” version. The PRO version has all the same features as the Lite version, except it doesn’t have any advertisement, it uses absolutely no copy protection what-so-ever I don’t believe in locking down my products with worthless DRM — if you buy it, feel free to use it on as many phones as you want. I don’t mind that much if you pirate this application, but really, please consider purchasing it. It only costs $0.99, which is the minimum amount you can sell an application for on the app store, and of those $0.99, I only make $0.66 ($0.30 processing fee + 2.9% of sale price). Your purchase supports the development of this application, and all of the other Android projects I’m working on. I code applications as a hobby, and not just for profit. If you don’t pay for the application, please at least rate it and leave a positive review if you like it! Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

UPDATE: If you area looking for the free, but advertisement supported version, it’s called FiOS WEP Calculator Lite. Please consider purchasing the ‘Pro’ version to support future development. Thanks! πŸ™‚


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