Clippy Public Beta is Up!

Clippy Public Beta is Up!

Clippy Public Beta is finally in the Android Market, and it doesn’t cost a cent! Go ahead and check it out, and let me know what you think! 🙂 I’m particularly surprised at how well the artwork for this came out… I really didn’t expect it to end up as good as it did. Granted, the artwork could be significantly improved, I think it came out looking pretty nice. I’m going to update this post and add some screenshots, and I’ll add them to the Android market as well. I’ve been working on coding this for the past few days, and I really must say, I’m impressed with how well this is turning out. Perhaps this will turn into a really useful tool for power users. I plan on updating Clippy fairly frequently due to it’s extremely early state of development, so brace yourselves for a bunch of rapid user interface changes. Keep an eye out for the some of the following additions:

  • Additional text filters
  • Ability to view clipping information
  • Ability to edit the clipping without leaving the clippings tab and creating a new clipping
  • Additional clipping metadata such as “Creation Time” and “Last Modified”
  • Added clipping statistics, such as word count and character count
  • Ability to click URLs in clippings
  • Better clipping organization
  • The ability to rename clippings
  • And many more possible additions

EDIT: Here’s a QR Code to make downloading the public beta easier:


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