Minor Clippy Regressions

Minor Clippy Regressions

I’m currently postponing the release of Clippy due to several small, but significant regressions that I am experiencing. I want to ensure that those of you who have downloaded and used a previous version of Clippy, such as the current version in the market feel comfortable using the new version that I am about to release. Because of some significant changes in the way I have Clippy written, such as using of XML-based menu resources instead of generating the menus using source code when the application runs, I have run into several problems that I am looking into. Rest assured, I will be releasing a new version of Clippy soon. However, at the moment, there are several regressions such as this one:

  • When there is no text in the text editor, the “Save”, “Edit”, and “Clear” buttons are no longer disabled. This worked perfectly while I was using menus generated using code, as I could set whether or not the menu items are enabled, however, when I switched to XML-based menus, attempting to set any attributes of the menu items results in the entire application crashing with a NullPointerException.

Once I get most of the regressions fixed, I will release an update of the code on the market.

UPDATE: I figured out how to set whether or not the MenuItems were enabled or not. Instead of using the findViewByID() method, I had to use menu.findItem().

UPDATE 2: Email sending now works properly, and I added a send button to the context menu of the “Current” tab.


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