Thoughts on Catch The Ball

Thoughts on Catch The Ball

I haven’t written very much about Catch The Ball lately, so I thought I’d take some time to do so. The project is not dead, and I have several plans for what I’m going to change when I resume working on it. I want to make the game more fun and exciting, so here is a list of several improvements that I have been planning:

  • When the user successfully catches the ball, I want to display an animated image of the ball exploding, or something more interesting.
  • I plan on getting the difficulty selection to work properly
  • I’m going to add an options menu, which will allow you to toggle the “guides” on and  off
  • I will also have a set difficulty preference, which will allow the user to change the difficulty. This will allow me to clean up the main menu a bit, since I won’t have to have the difficulty selection there.
  • I will allow the user to choose whether the game will be rendered horizontally or vertically. Based on this decision, I will display the game’s status on the “top” of the screen.
  • I plan on adding sound effects. Since I don’t really have any means of producing these myself, I will probably incorporate public domain sounds. In particular, I want to have sound effects when the ball is successfully caught, and when the ball bounces off of the walls.
  • I will finally get the game’s timer working, and have the current level and time remaining displayed on the screen. I will also make adjustments to the time given to the player, in order to make it possible to beat the game on all difficulty levels, and provide a pleasant experience.

I’m currently busy working on Clippy, but look forward to seeing an update to Catch The Ball in the future. After all, it is an open source project, so even if I completely abandon it, someone else can take over the work.


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