Clippy Public Beta 0.1.6 is in progress

Clippy Public Beta 0.1.6 is in progress

I’ve been working on the next iteration of the Clippy project, Clippy Public Beta 0.1.6. In this release, I have made several major changes already, including:

  • All reading/writing to the database is now handled by the Clippy Service
  • Adding a notification bar icon, as well as a notification that allows you to easily get back into Clippy from the notification bar
  • Created a custom notification layout for usage in the notification bar
  • Fixing a major bug where rotating the screen would restart the Clippy Service (only noticeable in verbose mode)
  • Moving most hard-coded strings into a string resource file to allow for easier localization
  • Adding several additional log messages
  • Implementing an AIDL interface to allow other classes to interact with the service
  • Added several more preferences in the settings menu
  • Added debugging tools, including the ability to replace all of your clippings with sample content copied from Wikipedia
  • Completely recreated the “About” tab layout from scratch, using much better written code
  • Enabled the “testing mode” for AdMob ads when the application is running in the emulator
  • The find functionality now works perfectly, and the background of the interface for find is now transparent instead of being solid black
  • The “Search” button now opens/closes the find bar for easy access to the find functionality
  • Added a preference to the Settings screen that allows you to choose whether or not the find function is case sensitive (by default, the find function does not pay attention to case)

And several other, less noteworthy improvements. I am planning on releasing this new version to the Android Market soon.


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