Introducing EliteBomb SMS Text Bomber

Introducing EliteBomb SMS Text Bomber
I was recently challenged by my brother who also has an Android-powered smartphone to create an SMS Text Bombing application. I thought about it for a bit, and even though I don’t typically make applications like this, I decided to fire up Eclipse and get to work.  After a couple days of coding, I finally had something worth that I felt was worth putting on the market. There are still a few bugs, but I’m working on it, and reading every single email that I get about the application. EliteBomb is a fully functional SMS text bombing application that allows you to either enter a number manually, or select a contact from your contacts list, enter the message that you want to send (up to 160 characters), choose how many messages you would like to send, as well as how long to wait between sending each message. You can choose a preset value of messages to send, ranging from 1 message to 5000 messages, or, you can choose to send ‘Unlimited’ messages, which will continue sending messages until you click cancel. Choosing ‘Unlimited’ is not recommended, as it is somewhat experimental, and it may freeze your phone or send a lot more messages than you intended to send. The delays between each message can be set to preset values between 1 and 20 seconds. I’m releasing EliteBomb as 100% free software on the Android market. There is no ‘pro’ version, or any kind of limitations. EliteBomb is supported by advertisements served by AdMob. Because EliteBomb is a work in progress, you may encounter a few bugs, or other broken/missing functionality. I will continue to develop and improve EliteBomb alongside my other projects, and I hope to fix all the issues with the application soon. EliteBomb can be downloaded from the Android market using the integrated search functionality, or by scanning the following QR code with a barcode scanning application: