EliteBomb Context Menu Added

EliteBomb Context Menu Added

I just finished adding a basic context menu to EliteBomb, which can be accessed by simply pressing the Menu button.  This feature is available as of version 1.8. It is now possible to easily clear the fields in the application without exiting it and re-opening it, and accepting the license agreement again. In addition to that, you can now simply press the menu button, and select “Reset Fields”. In addition to that, for those rooted users out there, if you feel that your device is rooted properly, but you don’t think the limits were successfully removed, you can now forcefully run the SMS limit removal tool again without uninstalling the application and re-installing it to clear the data, using the new option in the context menu, called “Remove SMS Limits”. Please note that this item will be disabled when viewed on a non-rooted device. Also, this is useful in case you never removed your SMS limit before, since you no longer have to enter a message and choose a recipient in order to remove your limits, you can just choose the context menu item. As always, I am constantly working on improving my applications, and I hope to have all of the crashes and bugs worked out soon.


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