Introducing EliteBomb Plus

Introducing EliteBomb Plus
In order to allow users to get my application without advertisements, and to increase the amount of revenue I’m earning at the same time, I have created a new version of EliteBomb with an awesome looking logo, and no advertisements. For now, those are the only major differences. I will be prioritizing updates for the premium version, and it will likely have the fix for removing the SMS limit on Froyo devices before the free version does. In addition to that, because there are no advertisements, this application has no data usage, and does not access the Internet. Other than that, this version is mostly just a donation, similar to what I did with FiOS WEP Calculator PRO. If you like EliteBomb and appreciate the large amount of work I put into it (18 hours+), I’d appreciate it if you purchase the premium version. I’m barely making any money off of advertisements right now, and it would be great to make a little bit of extra money. EliteBomb plus will be available on the market for $1.99. As always, EliteBomb Plus will be 100% DRM-free, just like all of my other applications. If you are a user of EliteBomb Plus, please consider purchasing it instead of getting it from a pirated source. The free version of EliteBomb does the same thing, but has advertisements, so I can actually make money off of my application. Even if I only get 100 downloads of the premium version, I could really use the extra money. Remember, the more money I make off of my applications, the more I am encouraged to devote more of my time and effort into developing and maintaining them. If, for some odd reason, you enjoy advertisements you can always continue to use the free version. If you are on an Android device right now, click the following promotional image to be taken to the market page for EliteBomb plus:


2 Responses to Introducing EliteBomb Plus

  1. John doe says:

    Would there be any legal issues with sending a boat load of messages to an unknown person?

    • Dylan Taylor says:

      I’m not sure, I’m not a lawyer, and I can’t offer you professional legal advice.

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