Minor Clippy Regressions

Minor Clippy Regressions

I’m currently postponing the release of Clippy due to several small, but significant regressions that I am experiencing. I want to ensure that those of you who have downloaded and used a previous version of Clippy, such as the current version in the market feel comfortable using the new version that I am about to release. Because of some significant changes in the way I have Clippy written, such as using of XML-based menu resources instead of generating the menus using source code when the application runs, I have run into several problems that I am looking into. Rest assured, I will be releasing a new version of Clippy soon. However, at the moment, there are several regressions such as this one:

  • When there is no text in the text editor, the “Save”, “Edit”, and “Clear” buttons are no longer disabled. This worked perfectly while I was using menus generated using code, as I could set whether or not the menu items are enabled, however, when I switched to XML-based menus, attempting to set any attributes of the menu items results in the entire application crashing with a NullPointerException.

Once I get most of the regressions fixed, I will release an update of the code on the market.

UPDATE: I figured out how to set whether or not the MenuItems were enabled or not. Instead of using the findViewByID() method, I had to use menu.findItem().

UPDATE 2: Email sending now works properly, and I added a send button to the context menu of the “Current” tab.


Automatically Start Clippy Service on Device Boot

Automatically Start Clippy Service on Device Boot

I’m currently working on making it possible to have the Clippy service start as soon as your device turns on in order to automatically monitor the clipboard. This feature will be completely optional, and this feature will not be enabled by default.

Clippy Update: Clipping Saving is Fixed!

Clippy Update: Clipping Saving is Fixed!

I finally fixed the issue I was having with saving clippings. In fact, there was no problem in the first place. The reason I thought there was one, is because I was having Clippy generate sample content for the clippings page, in order to debug. Every time I went to the “Clippings” tab, the content I added was being overwritten by the sample content, making me assume it was not saving. This is no longer an issue. As soon as I finish fixing regressions, there will most likely be a new update on the market. The next step on my agenda is to have database management handled by the service.

Problems with the New Clippy Interface

Problems with the New Clippy Interface

I wish I could release the new interface and show you guys it, but I’m still working out some bugs. For instance, you can’t currently save clippings, even though it asks you for the title, and there is a save button. Also, the previously working “Filters” menu is no longer functioning. Due to these problems, and several others, I am delaying the release of the new Clippy interface.

Minor Clippy Delays

Minor Clippy Delays

I’ve been pretty busy with other things lately, and I do all of my coding in my spare time. It’s been a week since my last update, so I’m posting so you guys know that the Clippy project is not dead, but there is a lot of work to do before I can release it to the market with the new user interface. Sorry for the delays!

Huge Clippy Redesign in Progress

Huge Clippy Redesign in Progress

I’ve been working non-stop on redesigning the Clippy interface, and it’s coming out very nice. However, in order to take full advantage of the service I’m implementing, I need to make some major fundamental changes of how Clippy works, in particular, how it accesses the ClipboardManager, and how it reads from and writes to the clippings database. I’m planning on starting the service as soon as the application is opened, and having these basic tasks handled by the service, rather than having redundant code in each of my classes. Here’s how this is going to work:

  • The service will always run while Clippy is open, even if monitoring the clipboard is disabled.
  • While the Clippy interface is open, and in focus the service will not monitor the clipboard even if that feature is enabled.
  • If clipboard monitoring is disabled, the service will close when Clippy is exited. Otherwise, when Clippy is closed, the service will start monitoring the clipboard
  • The service will handle every single request for Clippy to read from or write to the clipboard or the database

Also, I’ve been busier than usual lately, so expect there to be a bit of a delay between Clippy releases. Hopefully, I can get a version with the new, much better looking interface in the market soon.

Planned Clippy Text Editing Interface Redesign

Planned Clippy Text Editing Interface Redesign

It’s pretty apparent that the user interface used for editing the current clipboard text needs some major changes. Therefore, I’m busy working on redesigning the user interface right now, but I’ll post some pictures of the new interface soon. Here’s a few more details: the new interface won’t always be at the bottom of the screen. It will appear when the menu button is pressed, allowing for more screen real estate dedicated to editing text, which is helpful on devices without a physical keyboard.