Clippy Clipboard Manager for Android

Clippy IconIntroducing Clippy

Note: The features that are listed in red text are not yet implemented. They will be added later. Check back soon!

Clippy is an incredibly advanced, yet easy to use clipboard manager and plain text editor for Android powered devices. Clippy is packed full of many useful clipboard and text editing functions that will make keeping your life organized easier. Clippy allows you to modify the current contents of the clipboard, apply “filters” to text, save  and retrieve “clippings”, search for text within the current clipboard or your saved clippings and much more. Clippy is a great tool to help you keep track of important notes, easily share content with friends/acquaintances, create “templates” for e-mail and text messages, and stay organized.

A clipping is a small snippet of text that was saved from the clipboard. Every clipping has a user-specified title, to make finding what you are looking for easy. Once you create a clipping, there are many things you can do with it, including (but not limited to):

  • View information about the clipping, such as when it was created, the number of words in the clippy, how much space it takes up, etc.
  • Copying the text of the clipping to the clipboard
  • Creating a ‘clone’ of the clipping, either to have a backup copy, or simply for making a modified clipping based off of the original copy
  • Modify the text of the clipping using Clippy’s built-in editing capabilities
  • Send the clipping as either an e-mail message or a text message

The Text Editor

Clippy comes with a rather powerful text editor built-in. In fact, the text editor is almost good enough to be part of a stand-alone text editing application. Several of the key features of Clippy’s text editor include:

  • The ability to ‘archive’ the current contents of the clipboard as a clipping, or save modifications made to an existing clipping
  • The ability to use the ‘Find’ function to search for a string of text within the text you are currently editing
    • Tip: Under the settings menu, there is a checkbox preference that allows you to choose whether or not the ‘Find’ function will be case-sensitive when looking for your text. By default, ‘Find’ does a case-insensitive search.
  • The ability to save the contents of the text you are currently modifying as either the body of an e-mail message or a text message. This does not require you to archive the text as a clipping first.
  • Several “text filters” that allow you to make quick, basic modifications to your text, including:
    • Convert to Upper Case
    • Convert to Lower Case
    • Convert to Title Case
  • Find and Replace functionality, which allows you to quickly and easily replace one string of text with another

“Ticker” Messages

Ticker messages are a non-standard type of notification that might just be unique to Clippy. Basically, when an action happens, for example, a clipping is added to the database, a short message will be displayed at the top of the screen, e.g. “Clipping Added”. Unlike a regular Android notification, where the user has to go into the notification bar and dismiss the notification, “Ticker” messages never actually appear in the notification bar. As soon as the message is displayed, the notification is automatically dismissed, with no user intervention required. This allows for short messages to be displayed without bothering the end-user. If you decide that you don’t like ticker messages, you can disable them by unchecking the “Show Ticker Messages” checkbox in the settings menu.

Background Service

Clippy comes with the ability to run as a background service. When this feature is enabled (via the “Run In Background” checkbox in the settings menu), even when Clippy isn’t being used, there will be an icon for Clippy in the notification bar. Clicking the notification will bring you back to Clippy’s interface. This allows you to quickly access your clippings without having to navigate through the Android operating system to get back to Clippy. Also, the background service offers the ability to automatically monitor the clipboard for changes at a user specified delay, or at an automatically adjusted delay. When a change in the clipboard is noticed, the background service will prompt you to either enter a title for the new clipping and save it, or you can opt to discard the clipping.

As Clippy is currently released as a “public beta”, features are subject to be added/remove with or without notice. This page may contain inaccurate descriptions of features, or describe features that do not exist yet.

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