New Clippy Release Coming Soon

New Clippy Release Coming Soon

I’ve been working hard on Clippy’s new look, and it’s getting better and more useful all the time! Expect to see a new major release in the Android market soon! There is still, however, some functionality that I don’t have implemented yet, that I hope to get working soon. However, I am unable to find any significant regressions in functionality since the current version in the market, so I don’t think I have much to worry about in terms of things not working right. However, I would like to get some more things working, and add some more features to the interface to make it easier to use. The interface is turning out really nicely so far. In fact, it’s getting so good that it might as well be a standalone text editor, as it’s quickly gaining quite a broad range of functionality. I was actually considering reusing a large portion of the code, and making another application dedicated to editing text, since they would share a common code base, but first I have to get more work done on Clippy.

UPDATE: I’m working on preparing the next iteration of the Clippy Public Beta for release right now. Expect to see it in the market soon.