Wireless Network Selection Added!

Wireless Network Selection Added!

I finished adding wireless network selection to the Pro version of FiOS WEP Calculator. This enhancement adds tons of value for those who already purchased FiOS WEP Calculator PRO, and adds an incentive for others to do so. Overall, I’m really excited to announce this new feature, and I look forward to receiving feedback about it. Enjoy! 😉

UPDATE: Version 2.1 fixes a minor annoying bug where the list of networks is reset when the keyboard is opened/closed or the screen is rotated.

UPDATE 2: Version 2.3  fixes a significant bug that resulted in a force close when selecting certain items in the network list.


Network Selection Coming Soon to FiOS WEP Calculator PRO

Network Selection Coming Soon to FiOS WEP Calculator PRO

The most requested feature in FiOS WEP Calculator, network selection, is coming soon to the pro version. With this new feature, you can simply click the “select wireless network” button, then click on any FiOS network that is either remembered on the device, or within range. This will make instantly calculating default Verizon FiOS WEP keys even easier and quicker, and will tremendously improve the user experience. I’m currently working on fixing all of the bugs, but you can expect this to be available on the market very soon.