This Site is Moving to a New Host

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that this site is in the process of moving to it’s new home at Chances are, I won’t be editing very much on my site anymore, but for the sake of not breaking any links, I’m going to leave the old content up. I highly recommend visiting the new site instead. Also, if you would like to help me pay for the site, you can do so here.

UPDATE: The transition to the new website is complete. Please update your links.


Clippy Now Has Its Own Page on My Blog!

Clippy Now Has Its Own Page on My Blog!
It’s about time I made a page dedicated just to Clippy, which, at this rate, is becoming a larger project every day. This page will be used to explain the purpose of Clippy, list it’s features, and talk about useful tips and tricks that can make using Clippy a better experience. The page is still under construction, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks right now, and I’m planning on updating the page and adding new content as I continue to work on the Clippy project. Even though Clippy already has many useful features, and it can probably be useful on a daily basis, Clippy is still missing a lot of functions that will take it from “Pretty Good” to “Great”. Because I’d probably forget to add features to the page later, I added some features that don’t exist yet/don’t work right to the list of features on the Clippy page. These features are marked in red text, so that you can easily identify them. If you have any feedback about the page, or any suggestions for content that you believe I should add to it, feel free to let me know.